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“Ramses Bloodline” Waist Beads

“Ramses Bloodline” Waist Beads


Featuring amethyst rainbow and gold glass seed beads and glass stone and rondelle beads, “Ramses Bloodline” is a wonderful addition to your body.

Permanent tie on waist beads to help you track weight loss, increase sensuality and body positivity, and keep you accountable with your goals.

Available in size 50" (fits XS up to 2XL by removing beads to fit).

Traditionally, waist beads are from Africa and worn under the clothing. Each color has various meanings and can help you with manifesting and setting intentions in your life.

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SKU: WB077
  • Tie On Instructions

    A Youtube link will be provided to you for tie on instructions.

  • Waist Beads Meaning

    Link for waist bead history and meaning can be found here.


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