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Deprogramming Your Fears

We need to deprogram our fears in order to ascend to the next level. The Earth-bound programming is revealing the cracks in its system. You have started to question the things and lessons you have been taught. From religion to eating habits to societal norms, what you have known and been comfortable with for years is no longer resonating with you. What do you do when these feelings arise? Here are a few examples of programming we have come to know.

Toxic Masculinity

What we are used to is the big macho man, persona type that shows no emotions. This type is very ego driven. He may be seen as the breadwinner of the family or invincible fortitude in the corporate world. When he has a rough day, he is expected to suck it up and act like nothing ever happened. This programming is toxic to his emotional and mental state. He is not expected to express his feelings or break down into tears as this would emasculate him and prove his incapableness.

Toxic Femininity

She is expected to always show her emotions and feelings. Usually, she is the first one to communicate her desires and interests. Her persona is seen as weak, feeble and not capable of handling heavy situations. She is pitied. Her voice is not heard when she speaks up for herself. She is passed over and used. In addition, she may use her weakness to depend on others for help by the way of nonsexual and sexual favors and multiple suitors.


We are taught to go to church, prayer changes things, and to follow the Bible. But what happens when you do all of these things, and your life is still in a rut? Do you continue to wallow in your rut and accept this is just the way life is? That is a very hard and bitter pill to swallow, right?


Whether it be from pages of a magazine or the latest TV show, we are very visual people. We see something, we want it. This can have a profound effect on our clothing choices. From hip hugging curves to as loose and baggy as possible, the choices are endless. The issue is when we spend so much time trying to keep up with the societal trends that we lose our sense of style. So dependent on what everyone else is doing, where do we find our true, authentic selves? We are afraid of being ridiculed, teased or too consumed with what everyone else’s opinions of us will be.

Marrying or Having Kids After the Age of 30

It is generally accepted to get married in your 20’s and have a family. What if you don’t want to get married that early? What if you don’t want to have kids or decide to have kids later in life? What if marriage or kids just isn’t your thing? When you go against the grain, you could be labeled as rare or it will be more difficult for you to find a willing partner or have kids.

Now, you may ask, how can I deprogram myself from these lower vibe energies and ideologies? I have a few ways to help you think differently below.

Think Outside The Box

There is perfectly nothing wrong with being who you are. Sure, you may not dress like everyone else or think like everyone else, but guess what? THAT’S WHAT MAKE YOU UNIQUE! Individuality makes for a better world. People of all walks and kinds having different thoughts, customs, styles, and cultures makes for a more intriguing world. If we all could learn to embrace our individualities, I promise you the world would flow more better. Spirit told me so!

We have gotten so caught up in the 3D programming perpetuated by social media, television, movies, and technology that we have lost the true sight of what the Universe and Spirit wants us to know, feel, and hear. To get away from this programming, we need to get back to Source.

Connect Back to Source Energy

How do I get back to Source power, you ask? A few ways like connecting with nature with animals or grounding, meditation, and frankly disconnecting more from technology. Now, don’t get me wrong the advancements in technology are astounding, but we don’t have to be plugged in 24/7.

Once we connect more to Source, then the way we act, dress, think, or behave will move from a negative mindset and into a more positive vibe and energy. It’s harnessing the energy we have within and blocking out the outside distractions that will allow us to live a more productive and happier life.

If you would like to know how to deprogram your fears, book a session with me today. We can go over what fears are blocking you from living the life you were meant to live.

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