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Flipping the Script: Choosing Yourself Before Chasing Others

Women running down the side of a road
Chasing after others with low energy

Make sure you are chosen and not just doing the chasing.

People choose who they want to be around and be with. If you are always doing the contacting, making the plans, the first to reach out and so on, you are chasing after people to be in your life. And what does that do for you? It stresses you, brings up anxiety, feelings of low self-worth, and is draining. Then when you do receive that interaction back, it feels good for a moment, but then the happy feelings don’t stay forever. It’s like a drug. You need more and more of it to fulfill that need for a “high.”

Remember that time when you were going through a heartbreak or a difficult patch in your life? You reach out to so-called friends and family and no one answered or returned your call. But when they needed comfort or solace, you answered on the first ring or text. You were available for them, but yet they couldn't return the favor to you.


When you start to chase yourself first, you regain your power back. The energy you spend giving to others is no longer given away. You develop a stronger sense of self-worth and self-identity. You start to feel like the queen or king of your castle. The "high" is internal, authentic, and real. You have found your true happiness inside not on account of trying to find it in others.

So don't be afraid to flip the script and the narrative. You need to chase yourself first and stop chasing others. Choose yourself first because best believe “the others” are choosing themselves first when it comes to you.

Did this post resonate with you? Have you been choosing others over yourself?

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