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Today’s messages (1/13) for the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine from the New Moon in Capricorn

Today’s messages (1/13) for the divine feminine and divine masculine from the New Moon in Capricorn energy.

With the Divine feminine, we see that she’s in her empress energy and walking by faith and not by sight. May be feeling some movements from the spirit babies and just in a state of rest. Still feeling in that void like energy, but she has gone through her lessons in her trials and has had that weight lifted off of her back. She realizes that she is soon going to be walking into a new world and a new chapter in her life.

And whoaaaa we have mirroring images with the divine masculine as well! He sees his feminine in her Empress energy and is ready for creation of a new beginning as well. He has also had a weight lifted off of his back by getting a different perspective on things. But he is still somewhat stuck in that fear-based energy. From what he has always known and what is being birth within him is a little frightening. He has also come to this realization that he is almost there to walking into this new beginning and waiting on the other side is his feminine.

Below is a channeled song for the DFs, “Take Me As I Am,” by Mary J. Blige from The Breakthrough album.

Deck: Queen of the Moon Oracle

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