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1-19-21 Messages for the Collective

I asked what messages that the collective needed today. And this is what Spirit provided to me. General reading. Take what resonates.

We see with the Lenormand cards that you may have experienced some deception in the past. What was also highlighted to me here is the snake which represents the kundalini so maybe your kundalini has been activated. This has all been a test of your faith and loyalty in Spirit. Because of your faith and loyalty, opportunities are being coming to you. The overall energy of the deck is continuing to keep his faith and trusting in the process.

The Fortune Cookie cards highlight this energy as well with opportunities coming, travel, and planning. There have been challenges that are being overcome or you overcame. But the overall energy is to let go of those things and people that no longer serve you in order for the goodness to come in.

The Starseeds cards highlight that abundance, magnificence, and pure love are within you, and at the same time you are ascending at a rapid rate to a higher level of consciousness then you have ever been before. You may think that you are not ready. But Spirit says you’ve done all the work so it is time for you to claim the gifts of the universe.

The charms talk about the fiery energy that is within you to not just lay down and die. Your connection to the past and to the current is paving the way for your future. The solar plexus is highlighted here with the yellow game piece. It signifies your problem solving and overcoming conflicts. Also the rocking horse signifies a child like innocence which could be connected to your inner child or spirit babies that are helping with this ascension. As always your ancestors and your spirit guides are here to help you along the way. Please call on them when you need their help the most. The keys are found all within you. You just have to unlock the doors.

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